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Hearing aid

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A Hearing aid is an electronic device which is used to help children and adults who cannot hear very well (sometimes called "Hearing impairment"). To use a hearing aid, the person must still have some hearing. People who are profoundly deaf (those who cannot hear anything) cannot use a hearing aid.

A "Behind the ear" style digital hearing aid.

There are different kinds of aids; some of them fit directly in your ear (Inside the ear or ITE). Others have a mould which fits in your ear and a small unit which hangs over the back of it (Behind the ear or BTE), or they can attach to a special fitting on the side of your head (Bone conduction unit). These all work in similar ways. They take the sound from outside through a microphone and make it louder and clearer. Hearing aids are programmed to only amplify the sounds that the person has problems with.

Hearing aids are fitted by a doctor called an Audiologist. This type of doctor deals with everything related to hearing and hearing problems. They work with both children and adults.

By using a hearing aid in combination with lipreading, a person may be able to understand conversations better.