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Halal (Arabic: حلال, 'permissible') means any object or action that can be used or employed according to Islamic law. The word halal refers to food and drink and refers to all aspects of daily life. It is one of the five ahkam - obligatory (mandatory), mustahab (recommended), halal (permissible), makrooh (disliked), haram (forbidden) - determines the morality of human actions in Islam. In Islam, mubah also means "approved" or "approved". In recent times, the author has emphasized the simple distinction between halal and haram on behalf of the Islamic movement and popular viewers trying to unite the masses.

Halal:[edit | edit source]

Halal is an Arabic word which means: valid, useful and welfare etc. Allah Ta'ala has made lawful or lawful for the people all those deeds and objects which are beneficial and beneficial for the people.

Such as: prayers, fasting, Hajj, Zakat, meat of prescribed animals, etc. That is, everything that has been declared valid in Islam based on the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah is halal in Islamic terms.

Foods[edit | edit source]

Foods that cannot be halal (according to the Qur'an):

  • Pork
  • Blood
  • Alcohol, beer and drugs
  • If an animal or bird is killed incorrectly or the name of Allah is not uttered while killing the animal or bird.
  • Dead animals or birds (perishable, but it is permissible to eat dead fish)

Permission if no halal is available[edit | edit source]

When it is not possible to survive without eating haraam food, it is permissible to take food that is not halal in order to survive.