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Greek alphabet

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The Greek alphabet is the alphabet used by the Greek language. It derived from the Phoenician alphabet and evolved into the Roman alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K...). Its letters, besides spelling Greek words, are often used to represent things in science and geometry, as part of the radio alphabet, or as the letters on fraternity and sorority houses.

Letters[edit | edit source]

  • Alpha (Αα)
  • Beta (Ββ)
  • Gamma (Γγ)
  • Delta (Δδ)
  • Epsilon (Εε)
  • Zetta (Ζζ)
  • Eta (Ηη)
  • Theta (Θθ)
  • Yotta (Ιι)
  • Kappa (Κκ)
  • Lambida (Λλ)
  • Mi (Μμ)
  • Ni (Νν)
  • Xi (Ξξ)
  • Omicron (Οο)
  • Pi (Ππ)
  • Rho (Ρρ)
  • Sigma (Σσς)
  • Tau (Ττ)
  • Ypsilon (Υυ)
  • Phi (Φφ)
  • Chi (Χχ)
  • Psi (Ψψ)
  • Omega (Ωω)