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Grandma Moses

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Grandma Moses in 1953

Anna Mary Robertson Moses (better known by her nickname of "Grandma Moses") was an American folk painter. She was born on September 7, 1860 in Greenwich, New York, and died on December 13, 1961. She married farm hand Thomas Salmon Moses, had ten children, and was widowed in 1927.

Moses began her career in painting in her 70s. For years she had embroidered pictures, but arthritis eventually made this work impossible. She turned to painting because she wanted to give the postman a Christmas gift. In November 2006, her 1943 work Sugaring Off became her highest-selling work at US $1.2 million.

Moses painted mostly scenes of rural life and activities such as maple sugaring and ice skating parties. She produced over 1600 paintings in her 30-year career. Her paintings were commercially reproduced on calendars, greeting cards, and other materials.

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