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Giambattista Pittoni

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Giambattista Pittoni (Venice, 6 June 1687 - Venice, 16 November 1767) was a italian painter and the best-known member of the large Venetia artists.

Pittoni created altarpieces and paints with historical, mythological, or allegorical themes. He played a very important role in the development of all the European art in the first half of the 17th century through his innovations and his introduction of new subject matter. Pittoni was the most important professor for many years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, which he founded with Tiepolo and of which he was the President, influencing all the painters he also taught in the next generation, for this is considered the most important painter of the eighteenth century.

He became an artist of great success during his time to the point of being called to paint in all the royal courts of Europe.

Religious works[edit | edit source]

Later in his life Pittoni also painted large altarpieces. Pittoni represents all the history and classicism of Italian and Venetian art that influenced artists from all over the world.

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