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Giada De Laurentiis

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Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis was born on August 22, 1970 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. Daughter of Veronica De Laurentiis and Alex De Benedetti. She is a celebrity chef, she is known for her Italian food. Giada De Laurentiis is also a writer, television personality, a host of her show, Giada at Home and the founder of GDL foods. She went to the University of Central Los Angeles in 1966. Her birth name was actually Giada Pamela De Benedetti but after her parents divorce, her named was changed to Giada De Laurentiis instead.

Fame[edit | edit source]

Gilda always had passion for cooking. She was brought up into a family who loved cooking traditional Italian food. During her formative years she used to help out once in awhile in her grandfathers restaurant, DDL Foodshow. After getting her Anthropology degree in college, she went to Paris to learn from the instructors at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. Over there, she received Le Grand Diplome and her passion for cooking grew even more. Due to her families fame, Giada was discovered when her family was featured in a magazine called FOOD & WINE magazine where it highlighted each family members individual pursuits. The article caught a Food Network executive interest that saw her potential in both being in the network and a chef. Ever since, she became even more famous.

Family[edit | edit source]

Giada's grandfather is actually the famous film producer, Dino De Laurentiis. Which explains why she was already famous and was featured in a magazine. One of the most famous movies he has produced was King Kong. Giada was actually born in a family filled with Film Producers, actresses and authors. Her mother, Veronica De Laurentiis, is an actress and writer. She is married to Todd Thompson, a fashion designer since May 2003. However Giada has announced on Facebook 11 years after their marriage that they are filling for a divorce. Giada does have a daughter, Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson whom is only at the age of seven. She's has made an appearance in one of her mothers TV show, Giada at Home.

Restaurant[edit | edit source]

Giada's first restaurant opened up in Vegas at The Cromwell Hotel. The restaurant was called Giada. It had its own private elevator to lead up to the restaurant. It was said that the restaurants design and decor is supposed to reflect Giada's personality. A seat by the window will also give you a nice view. Giada has had famous celebrities try her food at her restaurant.

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