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French cuisine

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French cuisine is well-known throughout the world. Every region in France has its specialties.

Top chef[edit | edit source]

Marie-Antoine Carême

The concept of gastronomy comes from France. Marie-Antoine Carême is a historic Parisian chef; he is very famous because he invented a lot of French recipes.

Fernand Point, Paul Bocuse, les frères Troisgros, Bernard Loiseau, and Joël Robuchon are more modern chefs from Paris.

Places[edit | edit source]

Lyon[edit | edit source]

Alsace and Lorraine[edit | edit source]

Dijon[edit | edit source]

South-west[edit | edit source]

West[edit | edit source]

North/Picardy[edit | edit source]

Provence[edit | edit source]

Paris[edit | edit source]

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