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Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is located on Italy's northwest coast. It is a stunning medieval city divided into two parts by the River Arno that flows from the Apennines through Florence and Pisa and on to the Ligurian Sea.

Population = Number of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

It's an Italian city of 1015000 inhabitants

Denonym = name of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The inhabitants are Florentine.

Nationality of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The Florentine are of Italian nationality

Flag/seal[edit | edit source]

The flag of Florence.

The flag of Florence:

- Usually with the WHITE background;

- The image of Florence of the flag resembles a fiery sword

Celebrations[edit | edit source]

June 24 in Florence is the feast of St. John

Popular monuments/places[edit | edit source]

In Florence there is the natural history museum

Nickname (for example Paris is called "the City of Light")[edit | edit source]

The city of Florence is the heart of the metropolitan arena

Particularity[edit | edit source]

Santa Maria Maggiore, la berta dettaglio

In the Middle Ages it was an important artistic, cultural, commercial, political, economic and financial center. In the modern age it was the capital of the grand duchy of Tuscany. On the side of the church the Santa Maria Maggiore,look up and you will see a lady's petrified head appear from the wall. Is the Berta a greengrocer.

Diavolo del Giambologna

By the way the Vechietti and way Strozzi there is a sculpture of a little devil the Gianbologna.

Places to visit (for entertainment and fun)[edit | edit source]

Places to visit (for artistical, historical and scientific interests)[edit | edit source]

Gastronomy[edit | edit source]

Pane Toscano, bread without salt, olio extra vergine di Oliva, Grilled Meat, Chianti wine.

Quotation in literature or....[edit | edit source]

The favorite books of the Florentines are many one in particular is called: Anglo-Florentine gardens.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Florence has a very old bridge and many particular statues.

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

Florence has a vast amount of books that I can not explain.

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