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Domestic pig

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A piglet

The domestic pig (scientific name : Sus scrofa), also called swine, is a domestic mammal, bred for its meat. It is a close relative to the wild boar. The female pig is called a sow.

The pig has been bred since Antiquity : since it is omnivore, it is quite easy to breed, because it can eat almost everything. The enclosure where pigs are kept is called a "sty."

The pig has short hair, and is often described as "pink". In fact, there are many breeds of pigs, and many have light color, e. g. white, or pinkish, but some are brown or black, or even spotted.

The pig like the mud, because it takes off insects, and relieve itching. This has led to believe that the pig is a dirty animal, whereas it is not.

As food[edit | edit source]

The meat of pigs has different names. These includes fresh pork and also processed and cured forms such as sausage, ham, and bacon. Where there is a demand for their meat, pigs are raised in large "factory farms" or on a small scale, even for a farm family's own use.

Some religions have laws that prohibit eating the meat of pigs. These include Islam, with the law of halal, and Judaism, with the laws of kosher food.

Medical uses[edit | edit source]

Other uses[edit | edit source]

Pig skin can be tanned and used as leather. The American football is sometimes called a "pigskin."

Some small breeds of the domestic pig are kept as pets. A popular one is the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

In culture[edit | edit source]

The third little pig is building its house of bricks.
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