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A girl with chickenpox : she has itchy spots on her body, she has fever, and she is very tired : this is why she is sleeping.

A disease is something that makes you ill, sick, that makes you feel in bad health. Some diseases are more dangerous than others ; one can die because of a disease.

Different kinds of diseases can affect different species of animals, plants... any living being can become ill.

diseases can be due to different kinds of things :

  • infectuous diseases are due to a tiny microorganisms (such as a bacteria, for example), or a virus, that thrives in the body, a cause a disfunction. While most of microorganisms are harless, or even useful, and can live in you body witout hurting you, some of them shouldn't be there and will make you ill if they penetrate your organism.
  • genetic diseases are due to a problem in the genetic information : the genetic information is, in a kind of way, the blueprint of the body. If there's a mistake on that blueprint, the body won't work well, and one would be ill.
  • congenital diseases are due to a problem before one birht (during the pregnancy), or at the moment of the birth. It can be a genetic problem, but not necessarily.
  • autoimmune diseases : the autoimmune system is that wich normally protects the body from the diseases ; this it what makes you heal after you've been sick. If there's a problem with the immune system, one can't heal normally, and can even catch diseases he wouldn't have caught normally.