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Cricket Match

Cricket is a team game of bat and ball in which two teams of eleven players take part. The game originated in England. The game has since spread to other countries, including the British colonies. Currently, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland play five-day Test cricket in the international arena. Zimbabwe voluntarily withdrew from Test cricket in 2005 and returned to the game in 2011. In addition, several other countries are members of the International Cricket Council (ICC). In addition to the Test playing nations, two other ICC-sanctioned nations, a total of 12 nations, participate in one-day international cricket. A player who participates in or plays cricket is known as a cricketer.

Cricket is played on a grassy field (usually oval or oval) with a 22-yard grassless section in between, called a pitch. At each end of the pitch are three long wooden sticks or stamps. ঐ On top of the three stamps or on the head are two small pieces of wood or bails. This wooden structure with stamp and bail is called wicket.

One of the two participating teams in cricket is batting and the other is fielding. There are two batsmen on the field from the batting team. However, if the batsman is unable to run for any reason, an additional player of the batting team can come on the field. He is known as Runner. Eleven players from the fielding team are present on the field. A player (bowler) on the fielding team throws a wooden or cork ball wrapped in a hand-shaped round hard leather for the purpose of the opposing team's player (batsman). Usually the thrown ball falls to the ground once, jumps and swings or goes straight to the batsman. The batsman tackles a delivered ball with a wooden cricket bat, called batting. If the batsman is not out, two batsmen can run between two wickets and run by changing the edge to bat. The other ten players in ball throwing are known as fielders. The one who is behind the wicket with gloves or gloves is called the wicket keeper. The team that can score more runs wins.

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