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Coronavirus is a type of virus which is known to cause colds and flu like symptoms and respiratory infections in humans. A particular strain or type of this, known as Covid 19 became a major news story in 2020 after an outbreak in Wuhan, China began to make many people sick and some to die very quickly.

It rapidly spread worldwide,leading to people being made to stay in their homes by governments, schools and businesses being closed, travel between countries being banned or heavily restricted and many people dying. As of April 27 2020 more than 300,000 people have died because of this illness. The countries where the highest deaths have occurred include the USA, Italy, Spain,China and Iran.

Some people are not sure how this illness came to affect the populations of their countries so quickly. Some believe the virus to be man made as a weapon and for it to have leaked accidentally, others believe it to be similar to another natural virus called MER-SARS 2, which caused a severe respiratory illness in Europe some years ago.

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