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Cinderella (ballet)

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Prokofiev about 1918

Cinderella is a neoclassical ballet based on the fairy tale of the same name by Charles Perrault. Nikolai Volkov wrote the scenario for the ballet, and Sergei Prokofiev wrote the music.

The ballet was first performed on 21 November 1945 at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. It was conducted by Yuri Fayer with choreography by Rostislav Zakharov. Galina Ulanova danced the title role.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Act I 
No 1 Introduction
No 2 Shawl Dance
No 3 Cinderella
No 4 The Father
No 5 The Fairy Godmother
No 6 The Sisters' New Clothes
No 7 The Dancing Lesson
No 8 Departure of the Stepmother and the Sisters for the Ball
No 9 Cinderella Dreams of the Ball
No 10 Gavotte
No 11 Second Appearance of the Fairy Godmother
No 12 Spring Fairy
No 13 Summer Fairy
No 14 Grasshoppers and Dragonflies
No 15 Autumn Fairy
No 16 Winter Fairy
No 17 The Interrupted Departure
No 18 The Clock
No 19 Cinderella's Departure for the Ball
Act II
No 20 Dance of the Courtiers
No 21 Passepied
No 22 Bourrée
No 23 Skinny's Variation
No 24 Dumpy's Variation
No 25 Dance of the Courtiers (Reprise)
No 26 Mazurka and Entrance of the Prince
No 27 Dance of the Prince's Four Companions
No 28 Mazurka
No 29 Cinderella's Arrival at the Ball
No 30 Grand Waltz
No 31 Promenade
No 32 Cinderella's Dance
No 33 Dance of the Prince
No 34 Refreshments for the Guests
No 35 Duet of the Sisters with the Oranges (musical quote from the 1919 opera L'amour des trois oranges)
No 36 Duet of the Prince and Cinderella
No 37 Waltz-Coda
No 38 Midnight
Act III, Scene I

The search for Cinderella

No 39 The Prince and the Cobblers
No 40 First Galop of the Prince
No 41 Temptation
No 42 Second Galop of the Prince
No 43 Orientalia
No 44 Third Galop of the Prince
Act III, Scene II

The Prince with Cinderella

No 45 Cinderella's Awakening
No 46 The Morning After the Ball
No 47 The Prince's Visit
No 48 The Prince Recognizes Cinderella
No 49 Slow Waltz
No 50 Amoroso

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