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Chatpati is a popular breakfast food in Bangladesh. Very favorite food for the young generation. It is widely used especially in urban areas. It is usually bought from the store instead of being prepared at home. In most cases it is made and sold in temporary stores on the side of the road, in parks, at the entrances of colleges and universities, or at similar public gatherings. However, nowadays some restaurants are seen to serve the hotpot. Fuchka or chatpati is an integral part of a wedding or any other social event nowadays.


Preparation method[edit | edit source]

To make it, first a very thin mixture of Kabuli peas and potatoes is boiled. Then raw onion, chilli, boiled egg powder, cumin and coriander pulp, coriander leaf powder and red pepper, salt are mixed. At the end of it all the puffs are crushed or broken and spread. The chutney is usually served with tamarind water mixed with various spices and sugar or molasses.

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