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Children out of school

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Data[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately today about 57 million of children are not at school.

What is the school[edit | edit source]

It's an institution where the children learn to be polite, either how citizen or how a person is, to take rispect, to develope your skills, to make you new friends but also to make you understand things that can probably will be useful to your life, and, finally, a base of culture, wich is always a great thing to have: for your job or to appear intelligent to the people and so don't get ripped off.

The school is a right[edit | edit source]

Probably you know that school is a right, but a duty at the same time. WHY? Because is a right go there, have the opportunity to learn and have someone who teach and can also answer to questions, but at the same is a duty to take advantages this right (go to school) that not all children have, so why don't use it? Why don't learn more? In the past school was not for everybody, but it was only for who had economic possibility, and so could pay it or for who belonged to a high social caste; while the poor remained illiterate and poor, instead so they could not change their life, they could not realize their dreams and remain with a restricted mind (with prejudices,...). In fact, if all person could not go to school there will be minus discoveries in all sectors (scientific, technologic,..)and therefore the economy of the country is going to be bad. The son of a farmer and those of a doctor have the same rights, everybody, none excluded. Both one and the other can change the word. NOW they have the same opportunities. Or at least they should, but in many countries this right has been denied Of these 57 millions 49% will never enter to school, 23% have dropped out and 28% will start late. Where in particularly? Well, half of them live in Africa, especially in South Africa. -Actually 1 child in 10 is not at school, but, you'll ask me: Who are they? -They're poor, rural girls most likely to be excluded -Already working (215 million) -Already a mother (39'000 child marriages every day) -Disabled -Child soldier (250'000 children in conflicts) -Marginalised children (out of society)

Thinking, for the "lucky-children" (the major part) going to school is normal, for they (this children who cannot go to school) go to school can be a struggle.

School's cost and "disabilities"[edit | edit source]

The school is expensive; the government pay a part, but also the parents must to pay the additional fees, too: uniforms, books, transportation,..) so, probably another cause of children out of school can be these normal things. In Central African Republic a class has 84 pupils for class (while in my there are 25 pupils, for example), so it's overcrowded; there a school has not water, sanitation or electricity and none have the own book, but 12 pupils have one book, and finally, there were not enough qualified teachers, incredible, no? Not for them, in fact, for they that's the normality, and, if they continue to think at this mode, the mentality will not change and they're children will have the same horrible, unfair life. They NEED HELP.

Nb: one of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) of the United Nations is exactly those of provide teachers, schools, books to all children and so improve this horrible situation

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