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Children of Zeus

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While the Greek God Zeus is known to be married to his wife to Hera he is known to have had many children with other woman by seducing them in the form of an animal to.

  • Heracles - God of Strength and Heroes
  • Persephone - Goddess of Nature, Spring, Grain, the dead and destruction
  • The Charites
    • Aglaea - Goddess of Grace, Charm and Splendor
    • Euphrosyne - Goddess of Cheer, Joy and Mirth
    • Thalia - Goddess of Festivity and Rich banquets
  • Ares - God of War
  • Eileithyia - Goddess of Childbirth
  • Hebe - Goddess of Eternal Youth and Forgiveness
  • The Leto Twins
    • Apollo - God of Sunlight, Healing, Music, Archery, Oracles, Arts and Knowledge
    • Artemis - Goddess of Nature, Childbirth, the Moon, Hunting, Animals and Virginity
  • Hermes - God of Speed, Thieves, Roads and Travelers
  • Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and War
  • The Muses
    • Calliope - Goddess of Epic poetry
    • Clio - Goddess of History and Lyre Playing
    • Euterpe - Goddess of Lyric Poetry
    • Erato - Goddess of Erotic and Lyrical Poetry
    • Melpomene - Goddess of Tragedy
    • Polyphymia - Goddess of Hymns
    • Terpsichore - Goddess of Dancing and Chorus
    • Thalia II - Goddess of Comedy
    • Urania - Goddess of Astronomy
  • Dionysus - God of Wine
  • The Horae
  • The Moirai
    • Atropos - Goddess of Fate and Destiny
    • Clotho - Goddess of Human Life
    • Lachesis - Goddess of the Future and Death
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