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Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine Empire

Flag of Byzantine Empire

Official languages

2,800,000 km2
Absolute monarchy
Greeks, Bulgarians, Syrians...
Time zone

Scyphate currency
Demonym Byzantine
Evolution of Byzantine Empire.

The Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire was an empire that existed from the beginning of the Roman Empire until 1453, when the capital Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans (directed by the sultan Mehmed II).

History[edit | edit source]

The Byzantine Empire was created in 390, when the emperor Theodose II divided the Roman Empire into two parts: the Western Roman Empire (deleted in 476) and the Estearn Roman Empire (also called "Byzantine Empire", because its capital, Constantinople, was called "Byzantium" before its reconstruction by the emperor Constantine I in 330).

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Emperors[edit | edit source]

The Byzantine emperors was called basileus, because in greek this word means "king" and in Ancient Rome, the Greeks used this word for the Roman Emperor. The first Byzantine emperor was Constantine I, the founder of Constantinople, and the last was Constantine XI Palaiologos (died in 1453 when Constantinople fell).

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