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Parliament of the United Kingdom

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The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the British/UK Parliament is the official parliament of the United Kingdom as a whole, inclusive it's Crown dependencies and Overseas Territories. The parliament is based in the Palace of Westminster in Westminster in the capital city London. The parliament is also referred to as the Westminster Parliament of Westminster.

The parliament is bicameral. Meaning, the parliament has to chambers. A bill has to pass both chambers of the parliament. The first chamber is the House of Commons and the second chamber is the House of Lords. Only the House of Commons is elected by public elections and is the most important chamber. A bill has to pass the House of Commons first and than the House of Lords. Officially, the Queen is also a part of the parliament.

The UK Parliament is called the Mother of the Parliaments. Due to the British colonial expansion in the past, the system of the parliament had much influence on other parliaments. The parliament is created in 1707.