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The Brexit (a blend of British and Exit) is the name used for the parting of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Brexit is discussed since 1973, when the UK became an EU member. Through the years, the call for a Brexit became more and more influential. Flowing the 2016 referendum, the Brexit was first scheduled on 29 March 2019, but is delayed until 31 October 2019. Only, the British Parliament was passed an act that requires the government to seek for a third extension if there isn't an agreement reached.

The withdrawal is advocated by Eurosceptics, mostly by the members of the UK Independence Party, the mewly Brexit Party and some members of the Conservative Party. They form the Brexit camp, led by notable figures as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Pro-europeanists oppose the Brexit, mostly led by the members of the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and smaller parties as the Scottish National Party, the Green Party of England and Wales and the Plaid Cymru. They want to stay in the European Union and pledge for a second referendum.

The Brexit is an issue in modern day British politics and divide the British politics for the last few years. Some groups don't know if Brexit is the best way for Britain, while others don't agree with the new form of relationship between the UK and the EU.