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Brandenburg Gate

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The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) is a monument in Berlin, the capital of Germany. It was built by King Frederick William II of Prussia after the successful restoration of order in Bavaria. It is one of the most well-known landmarks in Germany and has become the symbol of the city of Berlin and the symbol of reunited Germany. It is named after the town of Brandenburg an der Havel, for the city gate marked the start from Berlin to that town. It is the last city gate still standing in Berlin.

It is located at the Pariser Platz, north of the Reichtag building (the parliament building). It forms the entry to Unter den Linden, a famous street in Berlin. During the separation of Berlin in east and west after the Second World War, the Brandenburg Gate was located in het east but was seen from the west for it stood right beside the Berlin Wall. At that time, it was the symbol of divided Germany, divided Berlin and divided Europe. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-unity of Germany, it became the symbol of the reunited Berlin, Germany, and Europe. At that time, the gate had to undergo a big restoration.

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