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Born Free

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Born Free is a movie based on a book of the same name by Joy Adamson. The book and movie tell the true story of an Englishwoman and a lioness named Elsa. The movie was released in 1966.

Born Free stars Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers as real-life husband and wife George and Joy Adamson. The movie was liked by critics and the public. The title song, "Born Free", was a smash hit. The song and the movie score both won Academy Awards.

Story[edit | edit source]

George and Joy Adamson live in Kenya, and raise three orphaned lion cubs to young lionhood. Two are sent to a Rotterdam zoo, but Elsa, the third lion, remains with Joy.

Elsa is accused of stampeding a herd of elephants through a village. Authorities tell Joy to return Elsa to the wild or send her to a zoo. Joy succeeds in rehabilitating Elsa, and releases her to the wild.

The Adamsons return to England for a year, then return to Kenya for a week. They hope to find Elsa. They do, and Elsa has not forgotten them. The Adamsons are thrilled to discover Elsa is the mother of three cubs.

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