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Place de la Bourse and its Miroir d'eau, along the Garonne River.
Country France
Département Gironde
Area 49.36 km2
Population 1,196,122 inh. (in 2014)
Density 24,233 inh./km2

Bordeaux, Bordèu in Gascon, is a French city, capital of the department of Gironde, on both sides of the Garonne River.

Regional metropolis[edit | edit source]

Bordeaux is the fifth largest city in France. It's inhabitants are called "Bordelais" (for men) or "Bordelaises" (for women). It's a major wine industry capital, and, like Nantes, it has a large industrial centre and a port. It is a university city as well. The historic part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with its high number of preserved historical buildings.

History[edit | edit source]

Th city of Burdigala was created by the Romans as a business harbour. In the Middle Ages, it flourished thanks to the wine trade with England and in the 18th century thanks to the Atlantic slave trade.