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The Boeing Company is the US aircraft and military company. Biggest passenger airplane from Boeing is Boeing 747. Boeing's biggest competition in selling passenger aircrafts is Airbus. Most sold (most popular) Boeing's passenger airplane is Boeing 777. Boeing also makes cargo planes (one of them): Boeing 747 freighter. Boeing's last plane which was involved in a crash is Boeing 737. Boeing F-15EX Eagle II should be the most advanced Boeing fighter jet with +100 air kills...

Passenger planes[edit | edit source]

Boeing 747[edit | edit source]

Boeing 747 is the biggest Boeing's airplane with four engines and two floors. It's a widebody plane. It is no longer produced today. Boeing 747 is also the first two-story airplane.

Boeing 787[edit | edit source]

Boeing 747-8I

Boeing 787 is newest and last Boeing's aircraft model. It's widebody plane with two engines. It is the successor of Boeing 777.

Boeing 777[edit | edit source]

Boeing 777 is a widebody aircraft with two engines. He came before Boeing 787. It is one of the most popular widebody airplane.

Boeing 737[edit | edit source]

Boeing 737 is narrow-bodied plane with two engines. There is a Boeing 737 MAX with new technology. Boeing's last plane which was involved in a crash is the Boeing 737.

Boeing 727[edit | edit source]

Boeing 727 is an airplane from Boeing. This airplane does not fly anymore and they are no longer produced.

Fighter jets[edit | edit source]

Cargo/transport planes[edit | edit source]

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