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Flag of Bhutan

Official languages
38.394 km²
Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
750.125 (2016)
Budhism (66%), Hinduism (33%), Christianity (1%)
Time zone
Indian Roepie
Demonym Bhutanese
Preceded by
Succeeded by


Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a country in Asia that is wedged in the Himalayas between India and China (Tibet). The southern part of Bhutan is located on the Indian subcontinent.

The local name of the country, Druk Yul, means the land of the pressure (Dragon). Another name that the natives to their own country are the land of the Thunder Dragon Tsendhen what Pressure means. Of Thunder is said to be that the roar of the Chinese dragons.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the early history. Archaeological research shows that as early as 2000 BC, settlements in Bhutan. Up to the early residents included the Monpa. Bhutan came in the 7th century AD in the Buddhist sphere of influence from Tibet. Legend has it, that the Tibetan king and conqueror Songtsen Gampo was opposed by a huge female demon, which had either themselves over a large area. The King decided on every major joint of the demon to build a Buddhist temple, including two in Bhutan: the Kyichu Lhakhang in Paro Valley and the Jampey Lhakhang in Bumthang Valley. The demon was defused.

A century after, came around 750, Padmasambhava (or Guru Rinpoche, "precious master") to Bhutan. Guru Rinpoche is the most important person in the history of Bhutan. He is referred to by the Bhutanen as a Saint, because he finally brought Buddhism to Bhutan. This he did by across the country the local spirits to submit to Buddhism. In the Bumthang Valley, at Jakar, he provoked with magic a demon from his cave, changed itself to a Garuda and subjugated the demon in the demon by his claws. At this place was later an important temple built, the Kuje Lhakhang. By his act, Buddhism was quickly popular in the country. Everywhere in Bhutan, one small temple, where a footstep or a hair of Guru Rinpoche is kept. The legend far

Transport[edit | edit source]

Paro Airport is the international airport of Bhutan.

The Government closed a contract with Nissan in December 2013 for the delivery of dozens of Nissan Leafs. This should result in March 2014 all its cars are replaced by this all-electric cars. After that all taxis in the country's turn. The Government has calculated that if all cars in the country electric, oil imports with 70% can reduce

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