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Belle Starr

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Belle Starr

Belle Starr was a 19th-century American outlaw. As a youngster, she had a good education in Missouri, and graduated from the Carthage Female Academy. When her family moved to Texas, she became friendly with Jesse James and the Younger Brothers. They were criminals.

She married Jim Reed in 1886. Belle bore him two children. Reed turned to crime. Belle followed him in this life. In 1880 after Reed was killed, she married a Cherokee man named Sam Starr. They were arrested and tried for horse theft. They were sent to prison.

Belle Starr, American female outlaw. The caption reads, "A wild western amazon. The noted Belle Starr is arrested on the border of Indian Territory and being released on bail vanishes on horseback." Wood engraving in The National Police Gazette (1886 May 22), p. 16.

On February 3, 1889, Starr was killed in Oklahoma. She was ambushed. She died from shotgun wounds to her back, neck, shoulder, and face. Legend says she was shot with her own double barrel shotgun.[1]

There were no witnesses. No one was ever convicted of the murder. Some say the murderer was one of her sharecroppers. He was afraid she was going to turn him in to the police. He was an escaped murderer from Florida. He was tried for Starr's murder. He was found not guilty. The murder of Belle Starr remains unsolved.

References[edit | edit source]

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