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Auburn, New York

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Seward mansion in Auburn, NY

Auburn, New York is a city of about 27,000 citizens in Cayuga County, New York State. It is the county seat. Auburn was founded in 1793, during the post-revolutionary settlement of the frontier.

In its early years, Auburn was the site of Auburn Theological Seminary. The seminary moved to the campus of the Union Theological Seminary in 1939 due to financial straits during the Great Depression.

Willard Memorial Chapel in Auburn, New York

All that remains of the seminary in Auburn is Willard Memorial Chapel, the only chapel interior by Louis Comfort Tiffany that has survived to the present day.

The city is notable for the maximum-security Auburn Correctional Facility. The prison was the site of the first execution by electric chair in 1890.

Auburn was the home of William H. Seward, the Secretary of State who persuaded Abraham Lincoln to purchase Alaska in 1867. His mansion is now a museum. Auburn is also the site of abolitionist Harriet Tubman's home.

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