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Atheism is a firm belief that there is no God or there are no gods.[1] Someone who believes atheism is called an atheist.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Atheism has been around for likely as long as polytheism, as it is difficult to maintain faith in fictitious polytheistic pantheons, but was not significant until the Enlightenment in France, when many famous philosophers were atheists. Their ideals triggered the French Revolution, the bloodiest in history, which saw a notable separation from the Catholic Church in France. Since then, atheism has recurred in literature and society particularly among fans of science fiction such as H. G. Wells, whose knowledge of science is often distorted by their reading - and the fact that they study physics and not biology - which can cause them to believe evolution and fail to understand intelligent design.

Atheists[edit | edit source]

An atheist is one who does not believe in God, and usually has no reason besides law to obey any morality. Some famous atheists include:

Most atheists are male, though they are known to lack machismo.[9][10]

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