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Flag of Angola

Official languages
1,246,700 km²
Presidential Republic
Christianity (53 %)
Time zone
Angolan kwanza
Demonym Angolan
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Angola is a country in Africa that borders Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Namibia, Zambia and on the west, the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Angola is Luanda.

History[edit | edit source]

All eighteen provincies numbered

Angola was, until November 1, a Portuguese colony. That day the people of Angola celebrate Independence day. From 1975 to 2002 there was a civil war and since 2002 Angola has been a republic.

Geology[edit | edit source]

Angola consists of the jungle, the desert and the mountains, with the Morro Moco as the highest point (2,620 meters). Angola is also rich in mineral resources: petroleum, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, phosphate, uranium ore and diamonds. The capital of Angola is Luanda, the population is near 25 million people, and the area is 1,246,700 km².

Language[edit | edit source]

The official language of Angola is Portuguese, because it was a colony of Portugal. Other national languages include:

  • Kikongo
  • Chokwe
  • Umbundu
  • Kimbundu
  • Nganguela
  • Kwanyama

Administrative divisions[edit | edit source]

Location of Angola in Africa

Angola is divided into eighteen provinces (province), called:

  1. Bengo
  2. Benguela
  3. Bié
  4. Cabinda
  5. Cuando Cubango
  6. Cuanza Norte
  7. Cuanza Sul
  8. Cunene
  9. Huambo
  1. Huíla
  2. Luanda
  3. Lunda Norte
  4. Lunda Sul
  5. Malanje
  6. Moxico
  7. Namibe
  8. Uíge
  9. Zaire

Sources[edit | edit source]

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