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Anarchism is the belief that society would be improved by getting rid of the state. Anarchists usually support Socialism.

Anarchism comes from the English root word anarchy. The word Anarchy comes from Greek anarkhos, which means "without a leader."

Important Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Anarchists usually define Anarchy as a state without hierarchy. This does not include necessary hierarchies such as the relationship between parents and children. Anarchists see Capitalism as a system that creates hierarchy, so they oppose it. Different Anarchists have different ideas about what the best way to create Anarchy is. Anarchism is a Libertarian ideology.

Famous Anarchists[edit | edit source]

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is often considered the "Father of Anarchism." His ideas about anarchism are today known as Mutualism.

Peter Kropotkin was a political activist who advocated for Anarcho-Communism.

Mikhail Bakunin was important to the founding of Social Anarchism.