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Abortion is when a Pregnancy ends without the birth of a baby. Some types of abortion are natural and happen without reason; this is called a spontaneous abortion or Miscarriage. It is also possible to end a pregnancy using medicines or through an operation, but different countries have different laws as to when or if this is allowed. Some religions, like the Catholic church, strongly believe that abortion is wrong and is a form of murder.

The right to have an abortion[edit | edit source]

In some countries, the right to abortion is regulated by law. In others there is either no regulation, or it can only be done for certain reasons. For example, in countries like Chile, abortion is illegal. In others like Ireland, it is legal only if it is needed to save the life of the woman carrying the baby. In the USA, Canada and some European countries (like Italy, where it became legal with a referendum in 1981), abortion is always legally controlled.

Different types of abortion[edit | edit source]

There are differents types of abortion, depending on the situation where it happens. If the baby has died before it's born, the mother can be given medicines to make her labour start, causing the (dead) baby to be born. Other methods can be used to perform an abortion, such as tablets, or operations. Some people try to give themselves an abortion, which is very dangerous. Any time an abortion is carried out, it should always be done safely.