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2015 was a common year, followed by 2016 and preceded by 2014.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • January 1: Lithuania adopts the euro.
  • January 7: The Charlie Hebdo shooting occurs in Paris.
  • March 6: NASA lands it's Dawn probe on Ceres.
  • March 24: Germanwings Flight 9525 crashes down in the French Alps. All are killed.
  • April 25: A 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal, causing over 6,000 deaths.
  • June 26: The United States legalises same-sex marriage.
  • July 14: New Horizons flies by Pluto and takes close-up images.
  • September 9: Queen Elizabeth II overtakes Queen Victoria as the longest-reigning British monarch.
  • September 24: During the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, 2,200 people are killed when a tower collapses, and causing a stampede.
  • November 13: Multiple terrorist attacks occur in Paris, causing 139 deaths.
  • November 30: The Climate Change Deal is signed.