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19th Century French Firearms

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The 1800s were a time full of advancements in the firearms industry. France was one of the leading innovators in such technology. From muskets to bolt-actoin rifles, the French made great strides in the world of guns.

Possibly, chief among these firearms was the musket modele 1777. While not being invented in the 1800s, the musket modele 1777 was the primary gun used by Napoleon's troops.


1873 Revolver- One of the first double-action revolvers. Served the French military from 1873-1945. Involved in four wars.

Cebel Model 1886- There were 3.5 million of these made from 1887-1920.

Cefaucheux- Double-action revovler in service from 1858-1865.

The Pepper Box Revolver

LeMat- Revolver- Invented in the Confederate States of America, The inventor was French.

Berthier Rifle- Served the French army from 1890-1960. The main rifle for the French army in WWII.

Devisme Percussion Revolver- Invented in 1850, fired with percussion caps.

Lebel Model 1886- bolt action rifle.

Lefaucheux 20-round- Had multiple rotating cylinders to give it a capacity of 20 rounds.